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SiteStatusHQ is a simple and privacy friendly way to monitor your websites and web apps.


Why SiteStatusHQ

SiteStatusHQ is a simple up time monitor for website and app owners who are concerned about their privacy.

  • Monitors the important stuff

    You just add the URL and SiteStatusHQ will do the rest. It will monitor multiple things for you, including SSL Expiry, Uptime, Domain Expiry, etc. Future monitoring features will be added automatically.

  • Get Notified

    Once setup, SiteStatusHQ will notify you when something goes down or some expiry is close or something needs your attention. You choose the notification channel or whether to switch it off completely.

  • Privacy First

    SiteStatusHQ will never sell your data. In fact, we won't ask you much to sell anyway. You choose to delete your account and your data anytime.

  • No annoying cookies banner

    We don't include any trackers and we don't use any 3rd-party cookies. That means no annoying cookie acceptance banners.


Sign up for 30-day trial. No charge till the trial ends. Cancel anytime.



For somebody who runs a single website or web app.
  • Monitor 1 Website
  • All checks
  • All Notification channels
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$9 /mo

If you need to monitor multiple websites and web apps.
  • Up to 10 websites
  • All checks
  • All notification channels



For large businesses who needs to monitor > 10 websites or web apps.
  • No of websites > 10
  • All checks
  • All notification channels

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Simple, Privacy focussed website monitoring.

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